For the longest, loneliest time, I kept finding myself in relationships that left me occasionally feeling almost high with happy, but mostly so very heartbroken and completely depleted.

My sense making journey was initially motivated by understanding what is wrong with me that love is such an ugly, damaging, and repellent thing (as far as I had experienced it), yet also finding myself craving it to the point where I frequently found myself in impossible situations with nasty types.

My need to find some reason in the madness, over the past years shifted to simply seeking a way to break the patterns and to be free from narcissists. To find peace if nothing else.

In my search for answers, I’ve been to several therapy sessions, and researched like a demon through my career in helping capacities with others who find themselves in similar situations; in completing postgraduate psychology studies; and in devouring more books, podcasts, workshops, computer screens etc. than you can possibly imagine.


And now I find myself here. A place of not only peace, freedom and healthy love, but joy.

This place has been hard won, and has necessitated brutal honesty with myself about my role in falling into these relationships, and the capacity to identify and remove narcissists from my life.

The most powerful teachers for me have been those of us who share in this community of survivors of narcissistic abuse and of codependents. Hearing the voice of others echo my own story, has kept me afloat in many black, lonely times, and shown me that I’m not alone and there is hope.

Silence is a killer. Finding my voice, my truth, has been my saviour. As it has been for countless others.

In sharing lesson learned and wisdom picked up along the way, I seek to give back to this same life saving community I am so grateful for, and to support and encourage others in finding their voices and their freedom.

TPlease note that to help cover the costs of this work, Narc Wise has financial relationships with some of the services and product providers recommended throughout the site, and may be compensated if you guys choose to use the links provided to purchase any of these (at no extra cost to you!). I promise to never include anything I haven’t personally experienced or verified and know for sure is truly fantastic for our purposes of recovery.

Maggie x






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