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  1. My ex did alot of grooming of a sexual nature. He had two plans for me; either make me his personal sex slave (he often talked about keeping me locked in a basement and coming down to treat me as he pleased) ot he would sell me. I found texts to a man I didnt know where my ex talked about selling me to him. I screenshot the conversation and kept it in a google drive he was unaware of. I showed the txt to my rape crisis counselor and she encouraged me to turn them in to the police. I refused. I don’t trust cops and I certainly dont want to deal with facing him. My ex is currently in custody awaiting trial for coming to my current boyfriends home…he was looking to kill me or us and when he tried to kick out door my boyfriends son and friend rushed him out into the street. They fought and my ex stabbed the friend of my bf son. He punctured his colon. My ex could finally go away to prison, but I’m not getting my hopes up yet. I attend trauma therapy to deal with complex PTSD from four years of hell. I’m pretty messed up and it shows. I am kinda drifting off the subject and I apologize for rambling. I just really needed to vent. Thank you for this article and every post on narcwise. Its my savior. I feel less alone. Much love to you and to every person who has dealt with this abuse.

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