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  1. I am at this moment, so grateful for the way you have helped me. When this happens, its not easy to find a person who will understand, because we are not ever supposed to have the need to understand what just happened to me? What did I do? How is this even possible? Why am I losing my mind?
    “You had a break up” …..”get over it”……..
    Oh my God!! Help!
    I’m there…..but I can see where I will be, it sounds like I’m not alone, that’s even worse….the next guy might die from this, I actually told the beast those exact words. She knows that I get it…silence…she’s not coming back to hold me, she’s not going let me cry in her lap……no…
    In an instant, it never existed……
    I’ll find the little boy in me that weeps, and shakes, and was not loved, and love him. I’ll bring him comfort, and hold him. I’ll love him all the way back to now, 49 yrs later. I’ll do it so I don’t hide him ever again, and I won’t expect anyone else to hug him, or me, unless they want to. I can do this.
    Thank you for your absolutely lovely and beautiful heart.

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