The Emotionally Absent Mother : How to recognize and heal the invisible effects of childhood emotional neglect

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By Jasmin Lee Corri

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This speaks directly to adults who wish to overcome their ‘mother gap’ through reflections, exercises, and explanations. Many people feel something was missing from their childhood and wonder why their mother didn’t seem there for them. Though she may have physically cared, for many, there remains a sense of having been a ‘motherless child.’ It is then difficult to maintain a relationship with her as an adult.The Emotionally Absent Mother helps readers understand why their mother was so unable to provide what many others were able to.This expanded edition will describe how to:*Identify the impacts of emotional neglect and abuse *Assess options for your adult relationship with mother*Find the child inside of you and learn to mother that child *Take charge of your healing and learn to make up for what you missedThrough reflections, exercises, and clear explanations, psychotherapist Jasmin Lee Cori helps adult sons and daughters heal the wounds left by mothers who failed to provide the essential ingredients that every child needs.
She traces perceived personal defects back to mothering deficits, relieving self-blame, and shows today’s undermothered adults to cultivate the mothering they missed, thereby helping to secure a happier future – for themselves and their children.

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