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  1. So true. There is nothing but therapy for you and me, the Narc thinks he/she is superior and normal; at least thats what they want us to believe. I read, pray everyday because thats how powerful this disorder is. You and I will never understand completely without help like this. Its an addiction just like any other addiction and recovery is a dailt work in progress. The Narc is SHAMELESS and THIS is SHAMEFUL!!

    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you for sharing. I am so with you, it is an addiction that demands daily work. How wonderful that you are making your recovery happen. Kudos. The work is hard. And frankly it is unfair you should have to dig deep to find the strength to do it which is what makes the work so awe inspiring. You’ve got this gorgeous one. Light, love, strength and courage to you dear Anonymous. Maggie x

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