What the terms mean when talking about narcissistic abuse

Introducing the Narc Wise Glossary

In many of my articles I advocate for education to raise awareness of what is going on when stuck in the cycle of abuse with a narcissist. This step is so important to de-fog the mind, escape, and begin the process of recovery.

It is with knowledge translated into action that any change takes place. You can step out and away from survival mode and the abusive relationship, and begin your journey of reclaiming your power, freedom, and joy.

You CAN make this happen.

Understanding where you are at and why, is the platform that will enable you to make the changes needed to get to a place of safety and kickstart your healing journey. Becoming your own expert is the first step.

Narc Wise Glossary

It is common for those first discovering the concepts of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and Codependency, to develop a huge hunger for information. After all, there is something hugely comforting in FINALLY confirming that feeling you’ve always had that ‘something’s not quite right’. The monumental internal shift that occurs from external validation after years of being invalidated and devalued is, quite simply, life changing.

There are many terms to learn in your research quest, which can be a tad daunting given the volume! To help you navigate this essential step in rescuing yourself, I’ve been busy beavering away building you a reference point covering what the terms mean when talking about narcissistic abuse. You can use this as a central check-in point whenever you want more information about a new term, or to get a quick reminder of one recently learnt.

Introducing the Narc Wise Glossary! Your friendly terminology taming tool.

I will continue to work on this, adding terms as necessary. I welcome any feedback or requests for additions. Don’t hesitate to send this through via the comment box below.

For more knowledge building info, check out the page Recommended Wisdom where excellent recovery titles are listed.

With gratitude,

Maggie x


3 thoughts

  1. What an undertaking. Born to narcissists, married to 2, I never knew any labels to apply to them. Only in this latter part of life have the definitions, explanations arrived. But, better late than never.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Frameworks are so helpful particularly when trying to make sense of the senseless. It’s quite the revelation & life changer particularly when having been surrounded by the abuse since day dot – shows us what has been normalised is in no way ok. Thank you for your support agoodlittlegirl.

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