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  1. In my case the narcissist doesn’t speak or acknowledge me at all, and our sons grew up to do the same to me only. Everyone else now treats me the same, as if it must be acceptable.

    1. Dear bibadi, it ISN’T acceptable. Do you know this? If you have forgotten this, let me tell you emphatically gorgeous one, it is 100%, irrefutably, UNACCEPTABLE. But you must know this too. Know it deep down in your bones. Remind yourself over & over again until you remember. Until you KNOW it. And then. Ask yourself: What will I do now knowing I cannot make them change their behaviour and the behaviour is unacceptable to me. What will I do now? I urge you to think on these questions bibadi. I urge you to take the very best care of your precious self. You’ve got this. Light & love to you bibadi. Maggie x

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