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  1. I’ve lived with this for most of my life. Everything is true. I was isolated though I worked, was timed from when I got off work until I got home. I was young when we married and he;s older. My life is miserable, the kids believe every word that spews from his mouth Today I take a stand. I can’t live like this anymore.

    1. Dear Kathy. YEAAAAAH! Sister, I am with you as you take your stand. Not just me, but all those who have suffered the senseless and entirely damaging abuse you speak of. We ALL stand with you. Gorgeous one, this moment is so very exciting. The misery you are refusing to settle with from this point forward is about to transform your life. There is no doubt, that you are about to hit that first domino that will see you realise all the dreams you’ve set aside. Until now. Dear Kathy – I send you everything you might need on your journey, although I believe you have it all covered. I feel your roar of strength. Kudos beautiful warrior. Light & love to you Kathy. Maggie x

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